Thursday, February 21, 2008

My First Felt/Flanel Creation

The first felt (flanel) doll I've ever made is a rabbit. [Not this one, this is the second rabbit. I forgot to take a picture of the first. So sad. :( But I managed to sell it, so it was a good thing actually. In fact, I sold this second one too. :) ]
I used to take orders from my campus friends, but I have no time to do it anymore. Right now I have to focus on finishing my skripsi first. And especially since I've started working.

Boneka felt /flanel pertama yang aku bikin tuh kelinci yang seperti ini lho... Tapi ini foto kelinci kedua dengan pola yang sama.

Oh well, kalau ada yang mau pesen... Boleh sih, tapi satuan aja lho... belum sanggup bikin banyak2 sekaligus. Hehehe...
Trus, boleh request juga, asal ada polanya. Okay!?!?

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