Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Shoes

Do I need some new shoes? Actually I have 4 pairs at the moment. But one is too thin (not enough padding), one has too narrow toes and hurts mine when I wear it for too long.
The only one that feels good doesn't look good. And the only formal shoes I've got has disappointed me.
Turns out it hurts my heels after I've been walking for a while. Definitely can't wear it for the whole day. And I bought it from Charles & Keith for Rp 149.000,-!!!! Feels it's so not worth it.
Considering to buy Scholl shoes. Or something else with similar quality. Must be real expensive, I know. But, surely it'll be worth the price paid. (???) These things lasts a very long time too. I got one pair of sandals from Scholl since nearly 5 years ago and I'm still wearing it now.
Hmm... So tempted.

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