Monday, February 25, 2008

The Secret

Well, I think everyone in this world must know The Secret. So here I am writing about it here so that the people who reads my blog can know about it.
Basically, it says that you attract everything that happens to you and everything that you own, by means of your thoughts. So the only thing we have to do to get what we want is to think about it and believe that you are receiving it (Notice the present tense). But there's a catch, you have to know exactly what it is that you want. Not many people has that luxury, hopefully you're one of them, but if you're not, just be patient, it will come to you eventually. *smiles*

That's about what I can write about it, to get a clearer and (surely) a better understanding about it, you can visit the website:, or simply just go and buy the DVD or the book.

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