Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Funny Story... Is it?

So here's what happened. Yesterday I went to the magic shop at the mall near my office, looking for the disappearing ink pen. Found it, but turns out it's too expensive to be of consideration. I mean, Rp,- is hardly worth it. Especially for what I intended it for. Seems that I got to stick to snipping the edges for the time being. Sigh... Not that it seems to be able to be used for felt.
But that's not the funny thing. The guy at the shop that I talked to. He said he feels like he saw me before. And I felt the same thing too. But we just can't remember where. I asked him where he studied, but we just can't find any connection.
So I searched for him in friendster, cos he gave me his name card yesterday, and I found out who he is. He is even added as my friend already! I knew him from an MLM I joined a few years ago. Not doing it anymore of course. Not my type of thing. That's why I never met him anymore. Hahahah... Never knew he's into magic. He showed me plenty of magic tricks. I know they're tricks, but it marvel at the fastness of the hands and all that. Must need plenty of practice.
It's funny how people likes to be tricked huh? We even pay to go to magic shows. Glad the David Copperfield show was cancelled last year. I almost watched it. Yesterday's was so much better. Cos it's more personal. Rather than having to watch using a spyglass.

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