Monday, March 31, 2008

My Latest Felt Creation! A Light Green Seahorse

Cute right!!!
I experimented on the head. At the spur of the moment, decided I don't want to stitch every single triangle. So I bypass it all! Turns out damn fine. So proud of the result.
Another of what my bf drew for me btw.


rorenz said...

that's very cute sea horse. i like it.

Barbara said...

I love it! The mouth is so cute...and its so neatly done :)

noodleroll said...

Adorable sea horse, especially lime green :)

Vonvonz/evon said...

Very cute seahorse, I like the design that the head is big and body is smaller :) and your stitches are really neat! very well done.


AnnieB said...

cutest seahorsie I ever did see! found you via flickr...I'm overmilkwood...

neetdesigns said...

Green is my colour at present. Your work is perfect and very neat - so important with crafting, it says so much more.

Check my work out at flickr - neet designs.

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