Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pattern Tracer Alternative

This is what I usually use to trace my patterns onto the felt. It is "fine", which means I can rely on it for details. But the downside is, I got to take a long time to snip off the black edges from the felt after I cut the pattern out.

This is what I thought of as an alternative to the drawing pen. (I feel so foolish, why it takes me such a long time to realise this. I even looked for disappearing ink pens.) It has all the colour I need, it is washable, and even if I don't, it won't show too obviously from the sides. The downside: the tip is too wide for details and I end up cutting too much extra out of the cloth.

The other alternative: Stabilo colour pens. There's a whole spectrum of them and the tip is 0,4 wide. But they're so expensive. I gotta think twice before collecting all the colours I need. I mean, I can buy a box of the above markers with the price of one of these.

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