Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Comments Day

I've not been making many things these days... Not as productive as I'd like to be.
Anyway, I've been reading all the blogs I've subscribed to using my Google Reader. If there's one thing Google Reader lack, it's the ability to leave comments. Anyway I've been wishing that there will be many people who leaves comments on my blog, but how can it be when I don't leave comments on their blogs? So today I've decided to go through all the blogs in my Google Reader from top to bottom and leave a comment on each of them. I'll write anything. Just for the sake of leaving a comment. Cos we just love comments, no matter what it says. Yes?
Hm... Maybe no. I reckon most people would prefer a more intelligent or constructive comments, but for me, it's not that easy. Anyway, for the moment, I'd love any kinds of comments, just so my blog is more alive.


Anonymous said...

You only do it for a day and I catch ur feeling sorry...otherwise I've only do blogwalking for a whole month.. either made any felt creation..

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Boleh kok komentar pake bahasa Indo. Kalo aku sih kurang suka blogwalking, soalnya sering nggak sesuai dengan yg aku suka. Aku lebih sering search aja blog yg kira2 topiknya cocok (craft tentu) lewat Google Reader atau yg lain. Cuma kadang2 aja blogwalking kalau lagi iseng, atau kalau lagi enggak ada kerjaan lain.

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