Monday, April 28, 2008

My Baby Brother

This is my baby stepbrother. He is 21 and a half years younger than me. And next month, he'll be one years old.


Anonymous said...

He's really cute! I think his eyes are similar to yours =3.

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hehehe, everybody says that he looks like me.

Doe said...

Aaawwww, he's adorable!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Take care!

Skye B said...

Hi Melisa,
Thanks for stopping by my page, and making a comment. I don't know if he looks like you, as I yet to have seen a picture of you. However, he is quite adorable, just as Doe mentioned. The little fellow looks like a handful too! :)

Have a great day!

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Yup Skye b, I am yet to show my face to the blogosphere. But for the time being, I'll let my cute little bro represent me.
Why not show my face you might ask? Well, I'm not so sure about the answer to that myself. I just don't want to. Yet.

Skye B said...

Hi Melisa,
I have no problem with you not showing your face, that is really up to you. Besides, your little brother has such an adorable face, he is a great avatar! :-)

Some don't like to show their face, or don't like their own pictures. I don't really like my picture of me, however a friend of mine wanted to see what I looked like so I put that in their.

It is kind of weird, that I am showing the world a picture of me in my hospital bed, but that is where I am, so what can I do about that...nothing. LOL! I am weird about people taking my picture too, I normally put the dog up in front of me to hide my face..hehe She only weights 7 pounds, and she is just my little love. I could use her as an avatar...her face is! (There is a picture of Sasha on my blog.)

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