Monday, April 7, 2008

What We Can Do To Save Our Earth

I've been thinking about the Story of Stuff these few days, and this is what I came up with:

1. Buy basic necessities only
2. Buy natural stuff (not manufactured with toxins)
3. Buy things only when your old ones are totally unusable already, like your shoes, bags, other wearables.
4. Do not have the same things more than one, like shoes, bags and the like. I mean, how many pair of shoes do you actually need? How many bags do u actually use?
5. Do not let commercials affect you.
6. Do not follow fashion.
7. Challenge yourself to resist buying all those things you "want" and not need.
8. Support responsible manufacturing companies.
9. Recycle.
10. Remove that 'consumer' label we have on ourselves. We don't want to contribute to that 'huge fat golden arrow'.
11. Support tourism. It makes people conserve.

You see, if we stop buying, a.k.a no demand, then there'll be no supply = no exploitation.

Not easy I know, for me too, but I'm challenging everybody who reads this blog to "RESIST BUYING UNNECESSITIES". For example, those unusable cute little not-clean erasers I saw little kids buying at the bookshops, those big cute notebooks that are so tempting but they just end up sitting in my cupboard, cute decorative stickers and many many many thousands more.

You know what, working for a bookshop got me thinking too, like: where is the tree that this book came from? and what about all those wasteful brochures, thousands of them that we gave away and then people just threw them away just like that?

Makes me feel quilty for buying those cheap cute unusable stuff like the plastic turtle and the bajaj that I posted days ago. Sigh.

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Koko said...

Terima kasih telah memberi link ke the story of stuff

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