Friday, May 9, 2008

Another Brush With Death

It's a miracle that I'm still in the physical world up till now.
This morning, when I was crossing the road, I literally was brushed by a motorcycle.
Well, the traffic was from the left, so naturally I keep my head facing the left side of the street where the cars were coming from. And suddenly I felt something brushed pass me on the right. It was a motorcycle! Why the heck that idiot can't go a bit more to the right to avoid me I can't imagine. Can't he see me or what? And if he didn't, what could have happened? Maybe I'll be having tire tracks over my back right now.
And this is not the first time it happened too. Last month I was almost run down by a motorcycle when I was crossing the street. Fortunately he stopped just in time. Right in front of my face.
And I did got run down by a motorcycle a few years ago. It was raining, and the moron crashed into me, throwing me into the ground. Good thing I escaped with only bruises and a scar. My pants got caught and torn too. And the s.o.a.b. ran off without looking back. (Forgive my language, but I really must say them.)

Am I lucky? Or what? If I'm a cat, I'd probably have only five lives left. Or less.

You really must watch your step here. Or you might suddenly become roadkill.
I told a friend in campus about the incident today, and he told me that a friend of his, one who used to sit beside him in class, actually died when he (/she) was crossing the road.

And I just heard the most recent news, the office boy here at the office, just had a traffic accident. I don't know the details, but apparently his motorcycle got into a pothole.

And if all this are not good enough reasons to let me use the car, then I don't know what is.

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