Monday, May 26, 2008

Step Five: Stuffing

The number one stuffing that amigurumi makers usually use is polyfill.
Why? Because it is washable, and unlike cotton, it won't go 'stale' (lose volume) and as some of the people over at Crochetville said, cotton can attract 'critters'.

Most ami tutorials will tell you to stuff until you can't stuff it anymore, then stuff some more. The reason is of course to add more volume and stiffness to your ami.

A note for polyfill, the fact that it is tiny strands of plastic makes it easy to stick out of the ami. Unless you feel confident that your ami is tight enough that none will stick out, you can use some leftover fabric to make a bag for the polyfill before stuffing it into your ami. This is especially important when you want to give the ami to small children or pets. You don't want any bits to go inside their mouth or noses.

This Fiber Poly Fill from Bean Products is made from recycled soda bottles. Why not? We can save the planet at the same time.

When you want more weight for the ami, use plastic pellets.
When you are making a leg-less ami, and you want it to sit upright, you can insert a pebble or something similar at the bottom. Just don't forget that if you're giving the ami to small children, it's not a good idea to give them something they can hurt themselves with.

And while you're at it, why not fill your ami with leftover yarns? Those really short ones that you can't make anything with and you just can't throw away. You can do the same thing with leftover fabrics or anything similar too.

One last suggestion, you can use plastic bags to fill your ami. It is some form of recycling, though I'm not sure if it is washable. I mean, it is plastic, but it may retain the water and spoil things. Just make sure it is really dry after you wash them then, I suppose.

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