Sunday, May 25, 2008

Step Four: Magic Ring

Up until now perhaps you have started your amigurumi by crocheting 2 chains and then doing 6 sc in the second chain from hook.

If you are frustrated by how irregular it makes your starting circle looks, then it is time to learn the magic ring.

The Magic ring is also the way to start so that you have no hole in the middle.

Below are the links to the best magic ring tutorials I've found from PlanetJune and crochetme:
1. Magic ring for the right-handed here or here.
2. Magic ring for the left-handed here.
You can also see the video tutorial from tjw1963 at youtube.

There is also the Double Ring tutorial from crochetme.
And the video tutorial at youtube from febielin.

It is not difficult I promise, you'll fall in love with the magic ring at once and might not ever go back to the old method again.

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