Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To the Moon and Back

5 hours sitting on a motorcycle = sore ass.

I practically went all around Jakarta from one end to the other end.
Never. Going. To. Do. That. Ever. Again.
Not on a motorcycle, I won't.
In a car, yup definitely will.


Wind Mill said...

5 hours on a motorbike !!! IN KOTA JAKARKA sommo !!!!!!!!

LOL! what on earth for? Of course your rear end would turn hard and your face would be blackened.

I have always been fearful about riding on a motorbike. Sure did prove my point when I broke my leg while riding pillion on an "ojek" in Indonesia after falling off his motor sepeda.

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Fortunately, I was wearing a full-face helmet so I was not overly exposed to the road pollution.
What for? Well, turns out that the office guy that I asked to take me to our new book shop is as blind about the road as I am.
If I have a choice, I'd rather go by car of course. Really, I'm impatient for the day that I can drive well enough to venture out on the Jakarta roads on my own.

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