Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tutorial: Counting Stitches & Placing Stitch Marker

This is how you count your stitches. The example in the picture is for 18 stitches.

You start counting from where your stitch marker is. The reason why the numbers are from left to right is because right-handed people like me crochet counterclockwise. You can count the other way round of course, whichever way you prefer.
At the beginning of your rounds, this is the "top" view. This will be the "OUTSIDE" of your amigurumi.

And this is the bottom/back view, which is where the tail is and this will the be "INSIDE" part of your amigurumi.

The picture below is how it looks like when you've turned your work "inside in".

Next are the instructions on how to place your stitch marker. There is no one way of doing it though, this is just how I do it, and maybe it'll be helpful to you.

Firstly, have a piece of different coloured yarn, place it like the next two pictures.

Back view:

Insert your hook into BOTH loops.


Yarn over and pull through. Done! The stitch marker will stick out like the pictures at the top of this post and you simply continue crocheting the round.

Note: I know I skipped the yarn over and pull through pictures, but it is hard taking pictures with one hand and holding the yarn with the other hand at the same time you know...


Skye B said...

Hi Melisa,
WOW, you did a lot of work on this page, teaching others to do what you do. That is so great!

I am not able to do stuff like that anymore, but I think it is something that you took your time to teach others. I used to crochet, also knit different things, my great-grandmother taught me at a very young age, at her knee.

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi Skye,
Yes, I'm trying my best. Must be the teacher in me. :)
My grandfather was a teacher for most of his life, and it was my mom who taught me how to crochet when I was small. The teaching and crafting blood runs in the family. :)

I don't know how to knit though, but I'm not closing the possiblity of learning how do it someday.

Actually, I'm planning to make a living from my hobbies. Still somewhere in the future though.

Unfortunately my photographs are not of the highest quality. I think I'll retake and change the pictures someday.

Thanks again!

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