Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

Hm, actually, it is a cover for my boring coin bank can. Inspired by nettie's video on How to crochet a pen holder.

So, I started with dark brown, with the intention of making something that won't get dirty so easily, as compared to using a lighter colour. Then at first I thought of combining it with light brown, and I asked my bf, what colour goes with dark brown. And he said, pink. Cos chocolate goes with strawberry. Why didn't I think of that I wonder? It is perfect! Makes me think of ice cream. Actually I thought of making a neapolitan, but vanilla is a light colour, so I scrapped the idea. I am quite pleased with how it turns out!

Picture of Old boring coin can, from empty candy can, with self-made cardboard top:

Close up photo:
Oh yeah, drool all you want.... Yummy....

Note: I realize that the leaves are not the same. They're experimental, made without pattern.

The plain:

Without the leaves:

Bottom view: (Sorry dirty! ;p )
I added the rubber tape sometime later. Makes it easier to lift up. It holds up pretty well actually. As long as the can is not full with coins to the brim of course.

Anyway, I found that the slit for the coin turns out to be too narrow to fit our currency's biggest coin, so if I'm gonna make another one of these, I'll modify the pattern to make the slit wider.

Or, it can be a tissue roll holder too! Yey for multi-purposeness!
(Actually, I have to make a bigger one for a tissue roll holder. A regular sized tissue roll can't fit into one of these cans. This picture is just for show.)

So what do you think? Each time I look at it I'll think of Ice Cream. I'll bet you do too.

Hope you like it! ;p


Nettie said...

Totally awesome!!! I think you are so clever!! I love the colour... I feel flattered that my video inspired you!!! Well done.

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Thank you! I was thinking of doing something about the boring can for a while and your tutorial totally gave me the idea.

Samantha said...

Very cute!!

In the 2008 Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar, there was a flower pot tissue holder that you may be able to adapt for this. You put the tissue in a can or container and then put your crocheted cover on top. That pattern had a "lid" of flowers and the flowerpot was the bottom that held the container and tissue.

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Oooo... That's right! It'll be easier to make a lid instead of a bottom!
A bottom will have to be secure enough so that the tissue won't fall out. But a lid won't fall off. lol

This is the first time I know of the Pattern a Day Calendar too.

Thanks for the info Samantha!

Skye B said...

Hi Melissa,
I really think this thing is awsome! It reminds me of a cupcake instead of a cake though, but it is hard to tell how big it is. (But, your hand is there, so it isn't too big.) However, I am always looking for a place to throw my extra coins into, and this is better than a "piggy bank". The colors are fatastic too!! Your boyfriend did a good job of picking colors out. ;)

Oh, I don't see any header there yet, so guess you didn't like any of them. I was thinking that if you take a picture of one of your items that matches your colors, and make one at that site (page), you might like it better. There are other sites that have headers too, just Google for "blogger headers".

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hmm, I can't imagine how it can remind you of a cupcake. It is about 6" high and 4" wide. But anyway, it is yummy eatable looking so I can quite see how it reminds you a a cupcake, which is still a form of food. lol

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