Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cell / hand phone Case

This is one of my latest experiments. Requested by one of the nicest people in the world who actually buys things from me.

The green one is made using some thick yarn I got.

This is how I'm going to close it until I found a better way. Any ideas?

New technology: narrow opening.
This brown one reminds me of coffee and cream. Made from some thin yarn I got.

Don't worry though, your phone won't fall off. (Unless you shake it really hard.)

Note: this is no trick of the camera. It is really upside down.


Anonymous said...

holaaaah melissa (^_-)
i like the brown type... but don't make it too long though... just make it as precise as the cellphone's heights...

And is it loosely? don't wanna have cellphone got out from it's bag inside the purse...

Will wait for your update...

knitting dragonfly said...

oooo Wow I love these!

Anuradha Khanna said...

hey these are so cute...

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