Monday, July 21, 2008

First Video Uploaded to Youtube

Hai people, this is the first video that I uploaded to youtube (FINALLY! MY OWN!). After watching so many videos from other people (esp. from cuteoverload), and thinking of what to upload of my own, I finally remembered of these videos I took of the white German Shepherd puppies we used to have. I took these videos last year, this one at 13th of January 2007. This is one of the seven puppies the momma dog gave birth to, and it was only 4 days old when I took this video.

I hope you'll enjoy it. I'll upload more after this.

You can see all of them here:

Btw, I have thousands of pictures of them too. Maybe I'll upload a few later, when I got the time to sort them (but it seems I never do, so I'll do it if plenty of people asks for it).

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