Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Wonder Why....

I just got a few proofs that most people simply look at the pictures in blogs and not read the words at all.
Well, I got to admit that I do that too sometimes, except if the picture is interesting enough and makes me curious enough to read the rest of the post.
Does that means that my pictures are not interesting enough that people won't read the words?
Or, did I just wrote too much for those particular posts?

Which is it?
Or is it something else....?


Skye B said...

Hi Melisa,
It has been a long time since I have seen you. Sorry all those things are happening to you, I hope you get another job soon too.

Let me see if I understand this quota thing, so my widgets eat up some of your quota for your Internet use? Since this is true with you, it must be true with other's from your Country, or even other Countries.

I will take some of the widgets out of there, I don't need them all, I guess I just like widgets...LOL :-) In the USA we don't have that problem, but I need to be thoughtful of others that may want to visit my blog from other Countries that have that quota.

I like this post, because I know I am one who doesn't always read all the words on some blogs, not yours though...I find yours interesting so I read them. Also, your words are big enough! Some posts on some's blogs are too small, or just plain boring, so if they have pictures I will look at those.

So one of the biggest reasons I don't read all of the posts, are the words being too small, and they are hard to read...for me anyways. However, even if the post is long I still will read it if the words are big enough, and it is interesting. I know I am guilty of writing long posts sometimes, and maybe some don't read the whole thing. I just get carried away...LOL! I mean see how long my comment is...hehe Also, some of my stories are long, I need to find a way to shorten them.

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi Skye,
It's really okay actually. I'm kind of glad I'm out. Cos I really hated that job anyway. And now I have more time to make crafty things and do all the other things that I really want to do.

Well, about this quota thing, I pay a certain amount of money each month for only a certain amount of megabytes of traffic.
I never thought of this before also because I was using unlimited free internet in my office, but now I've cleared out all my unnecessary widgets out of my blog cos I'm gonna go bankrupt if I'm going to edit it as often as I used to. lol

Ah, small words. Yes, it could be a reason for people to not want to read the posts. Maybe I'll make my fonts a point larger.

Thank you for the response to my post!


Skye B said...

Hi Melisa,
Well, I did take some of the widgets off my page, however, I am not sure if there is enough taken off there. That is terrible that you have to pay by the megabytes, some pages are so big....and some of those you NEED to go to. Boy, they make their money coming and going don't they? Meanies...LOL!

I am glad your not too upset over your job, maybe soon you will be working for yourself if you can sell your things...I think you will too!
Thanks, Skye

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

That is exactly what I mean to do. Selling the crafty stuff I made. I got a long list of things I want to experiment. And I got a few orders that I have to make. Well, things can only go better. :D

Thank you,

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