Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I am making this post especially for those who wants to write a testimonial for me.

Your kind words are very greatly appreciated.
Any supportive suggestions for improvements are welcome too.

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koko said...

gue yang pertama loh...you're welcome

Wind Mill said...

I made a customised purchase from this enterprising and creatively skilled young lady.

She surprised me with her lovely, multi coloured Mexican sombrero.

Definitely out of the ordinary items that Melisa has displayed as her completed handcraft.

The price for her handcraft item was another surprise too. Fact is, I think that she underprices her fine handcraft creations.

I heartfully recommend that Melisa be given your encouragement. Our younger generation needs support to find meaningful fulfillment in their endeavours.

vantiani said...

I am so glad that Melisa said hi to me in my etsy. Not only because she's from Jakarta and there are really few of us in Etsy but also because she makes an incredible crafts!

I order her pencil case and when it arrives it's so so gorgeously cool!

Glad we met, indeed Melisa.



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