Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recycled T-Shirt Bag

Of course, I'm more productive when I'm supposed to do something else. And so... Instead of studying for the presentation on Tuesday, I made this bag today. Finished it in approximately 5 hours.

Yesterday I suddenly got this idea to make a bag out of those t-shirts that I never wear anymore. And so for the experiment, I pulled out this faded t-shirt. It was given to us at our first day in the U.

It turns out to be a very wide bag. Maybe narrower t-shirts will be better. It is REALLY made from only ONE T-shirt, in case you're wondering. And please ignore all the loose threads. Today is the first time I touched a sewing machine again ever since a few years ago when I made this quilt. Anyway, it's the thought that counts right? Another brilliant idea to reduce reuse and recycle. (I think, lol!)

Note: 'Unjuk' is from the word 'menunjukkan' which means 'show' and 'Gigi' means 'teeth'. IBII is the name of my U. Stands for Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Indonesia.

Oh yea, too bad I forgot to take a picture of the t-shirt before I cut it up. Oops.

Hm.. I might just make a tutorial for this. If enough people are interested. Anyone?

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