Friday, October 24, 2008

Bachelor of Business Administration

Yep, that's me! Over here, it's called "Sarjana Ekonomi". And now, I will have the addition of S.E. behind my name.

Melisa Sriwulandari, S.E.

How about that? Finally, I've reached the end of my 4 years of studies. It was fun, mostly, it was just the final paper that was hellish. 

And actually, learning comes easily to me, and I must admit I'm kind of "exam smart". I only study a few times a year, exactly the night before exams. I can only make myself start studying a few hours before the exams. And it was only a few times that I started studying a few days before an exam.

My GPA is 3,76 out of 4. No sweat.

Yup, I just found that out today. I just received my transcript this afternoon. 

Oh well, despite all the plus I got from my intelligence, the negative was that I am lazy and have no discipline. My aunt says that I live from deadlines to deadlines. Yup, I won't do anything unless it is near the deadline. I can only concentrate and seriously do something when I absolutely have no other choice and I really really have to.

Hmm, hopefully none of my future employers are going to read that. That's the reason why I doubt my ability to work in an office. But then, maybe it is better. My life would be more productive that way. Because I can never set a deadline for myself. Never works. Not even once.

Right now, my customers are the ones making the deadlines for me. They have to. I'll always ask when I have to finish the order. Or else I won't ever finish them.

But now, I have to send out those job application letters first. I need capital to open up my own brick and mortar craft shop. And no one is going to give/lend any to me so I have to rely on myself.

I still want to be able to drive first though. I've been practicing these few days, and I must say that I've improved quite a bit. My dear bf has been accompanying me and teaching me. He would even woke up and come over to my house at 4 am in the morning just so I can go out and practice on empty roads. What more can I say? He's the best. I won't know what to do without him. Cos my father won't ever have time to teach me.

So now I can say that I can drive in my CVs. I'm still not 100% sure whether my father will let me drive to work everyday though. I've picked up some signs that he will, but you'll never know. He's not the kind to keep his words, at least not to me anyway. I mean, he kept delaying letting me drive for 7 years. He's been saying hopeful words ever since I was 17. And I had been very patient for the past 4 years in the U. Well, let's see whether graduating will change his attitude towards me or not.

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