Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ideas for a Headband

So these are some headbands that I came up with when someone asked me for a 'bright and cheery headbands for a baby'.
The first one is a pink flower chain.

The second one is just a simple yellow orange ripple. I was thinking of the sun when I made it.

This is the same as above, except for an extra row of red. I think it's kind of cool, looking like fire.

This next one is a pig face FYI. Don't know whether it is recognizable enough. It can be made into a headband too, if I make a few and join them up together. Or simply make it into a brooch.
It's just that, I'm not really satisfied with how it turns out. Personally, I like the ears, but the face is kind of ugly. Maybe I should've used felt circles for the nose instead.

Well, seems that my quest is not over yet. I still got at least one more headband to think up.
Something with butterflies, or bees, stars, moons, hearts, dogs, or cows.
Actually I can simply make some hearts and join them together, but it'll be my last resort. Cos I don't really like sewing pieces, tucking in the ends is a nightmare. Just like the flower chain.

PLEASE, if you have a pattern containing one or more of the above, or an idea to share, do tell me.


Lenni said...
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Lenni said...

Great work! I recognized the piggie right away! :D

Jolly Mom said...

These are really pretty! You have a great blog. You should join us on our Make Something Monday craft meme.

Felicia said...

Those headbands are great!

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi Lenni, I haven't thanked you for being my first 'follower' on blogger. And currently, you're the only one. lol!

Hi Jolly mom and Felicia!
Thanks for the invite and the nice words!


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