Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rock Star Award

"Those that receive the Rock Star award stand out. They work hard and you love knowing them. They are unique and one of a kind bloggers!"

I received the award and tag from Jolly Mom. Thank you!

It's my first tag!

Hmm... 8 interesting things about me. This needs a while to think about...

Okay... Here goes! :

1. I have a surgery scar that looks like the Cross behind my left upper arm. (No vampire can catch me unawares. lol!)
2. I love everything glow in the dark.
3. The only time I ever had my hair long was about 8 years ago. And it's not ever gonna happen again.
4. I'm usually more awake at night and sleep during the day.
5. Regardless of how much craft I do, I still sucks at colour combining.
6. I almost never throw anything away. I still have a drawer full of cut paper leftovers from 5 years ago. I keep brochures too, thinking I might need to use the paper someday.
7. I always watch tv while I eat and the first thing I search for when watching tv are cartoons. I hate sad sloppy silly movies and horror scary movies.
8. I do crazy things like this:

Don't worry. It's not painful at all. I only made use of the accumulation of dead skin at the top of my finger. I usually have a thick one after I cut my nails short. I hope I didn't gross you out. lol!

And my Rock Stars are:

Windmill on the Hill


Windmill said...


Thank you Melisa.

You so thoughtful. :)

You know how to make an old man happy.

Lenni said...

Thank you!1 :D

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