Friday, December 12, 2008

Graduation Skirt

Okay, this will be the start of my blog-updating spree. I've been lazy the past few days, so finally here they are, all at once.

This is the skirt I wore to my graduation ceremony.

Originally, I intended to wear comfy t-shirt n long black pants under my toga, but an aunt of mine was so worked up over my 'strangeness' that she insists that I wear a skirt. You see, most people here have the idea that we're supposed to wear kebaya (javanese traditional clothes) for the ceremony. But really, under that long oversized thing, you can't see what's underneath it.

I did ask the people at campus too, whether it is compulsory to wear kebaya or not, but no one can give me a definitive answer.

So in the end, I let her gave me a skirt and I chose this one.

Of course, I still wore that comfy t-shirt and some short pants under the skirt.

And turns out that many girls wore long black pants too... So kebaya was NOT compulsory.
Yeah, I was right not to bother with the kebaya. And I didn't wear any make up too.
Cos the place was quite hot, and when I see the other girls with the make up and kebaya, they all look horrible and uncomfortable already, halfway down the ceremony.

I believe in NO make-ups. Most of the photographs I have, my friends with make up look more horrible than me who wore no make up. It makes the face more oily and shiny. And I believe that make up is bad for the skin.

Anyway... I can't decide whether to keep or return this skirt to my aunt. You see, I don't know whether I'll ever have any occasion to wear this skirt again. And the skirt is full of falling glitter...
But I kind of like it... Hmm.....

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