Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Partially Back

Hi, finally my part time work is done. Yesterday was the last day and I'm so really glad it's over. I was already a bit past my saturated point with boredom of doing the same thing. My body is also tired with fatigue and I'm very sleepy and sluggish. Basically, I'm in the 'LAZY MODE' right now.

I'm partially back because I'm not yet in the mood for writing anything worthy, not in the mood for editing and uploading any photos, not in the mood to do anything other than lay around in my bed, or doing some other passive thing like watching tv.

I already finished reading the 2 books I got for Christmas and now I've ran out of things to read. One was okay but the other one really sucks. But I just read it for the sake of finishing it.
Damn, I really need to get that Brisingr.

Anyway, please be patient while I get my spirit back. I just want to do nothing at the moment.

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