Friday, January 2, 2009

Room Cleaning (Finally)

I finally cleaned up my room today. Took me about 5 hours to tidy up the table and the floor. I've been basically throwing my stuff down to the floor for the past 2 (almost 3) weeks. And that's also quite how long I didn't sweep & mop the floor. I am really that lazy. I usually wait until I really can't stand it anymore before I'll start to clean up.
It's really weird actually, since I have some contrasting habits. I can't stand feeling a bit of dirt or grease on my hands so I would wash my hands many-many times in one day. I would wash my hands before I touch my laptop. I'd wash my hands every single time I touch some glue, even though it means I have to go back and forth to the bathroom.
I also won't lie on my bed with clothes that I've worn outside the house, or clothes I've sweated in. I will also usually lie on my bed only after I've taken a bath.
But yet, the funny thing is, I don't understand why do some people loves to clean every single day. I suppose it's true, it'll only take a few minutes to do it everyday compared to taking 5 hours in one day. But I really generally avoid cleaning unless I really really really have to. And it will get dirty and messy again anyway. So why not do it all at once, as rarely as possible?

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