Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back With More Stuff

Hi there people! I'm sorry for the very very slow update recently.
As I've said before, I'm kind of avoiding the comp, especially the internet.
Obviously because I feel that every minute I spend surfing, it is unproductive time.
And these days my comp are kind of sickly, so I imagine that the more I use it, the closer it gets to doomsday. I need to buy an external HDD for my laptop, because the internal one is almost full and I definitely can't decide what to delete. I did burn the data into DVD, but it's unpractical. Mostly because my DVD-ROM is really slow and it would take forever to see what I want to see.

Alright, enough talk. Now it's time for pictures!!

This one you've seen in the previous post. I decided to change the black string into a long crocheted chain using the same blue yarn. It turns out to be very much better as it is stronger and closes the top more tightly.

This next one was made using a variation of the same pattern as above. At first I intended to make a name card case but I realized too late that it's too wide. And of course I didn't want to redo the whole thing again so I went ahead and finished it. There are many uses for a pouch like this anyway.

I made this a while ago. It is simply a smaller version of the curlies you've seen floating around in my blog. I think it is more suitable for earrings than the big ones I usually use for keychains.
I also totally love how the colors matched between the pair unpurposefully. Usually these multicolored yarns turns out different every time.

Lastly, the usual kind of curlies, but made with cotton yarn. I just wanted to try and see how it turns out. I suppose it's fine.

Btw, I used a white towel for the background of these photos. Just wanted to try something new. I think it's interesting. Don't you agree?

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ギウリヤ said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I totally love your work! I am a pencil case addicted :) lol
How are those 2 stitches called? they look super cute :)

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