Friday, February 13, 2009

To Do List

It's been a while since I updated my To Do list.
Now it's grown so long that I'm really at lost of which to do first.

Anyway, I've

  1. Finished sewing the 5 name hangings
  2. Finished the scarf my aunt asked from me (photos to follow)
  3. Made another wrist pillow for my bf (photos to follow)
  4. Canceled the cross stitch project (the glue is a bad idea)
  5. Made a few more stuff to sell

And I still have to:
  1. Finish another batch of commission
  2. Finish bear name hangings
  3. Make turtle keychains
  4. Get big button to match scarflet
  5. Crochet more gajih flowers
  6. Get a dark blue zipper for cell phone pouch
  7. Start cutting fabrics
  8. Make printer covers
  9. Make even more stuff to sell
(Some of these items, I got a feeling they won't get crossed out for a long long time, if ever.)

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