Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tissue Box Cover

Ch3, dc across for 6 rows. Turn after each row.
Ch3, dc 14 sts, (ch 3, turn, dc 14sts) 2 rows. Cast off.
Join at 52-15 sts at the other side. (ch 3, turn, dc 14sts) 4 rows. Do not cut yarn, Ch 22 and continue dc 15x at the other side.
Ch3, dc across for 7 rows. Turn after each row. Do not cut yarn. Immediately turn to the side to start going around for the body. Continue 2dc in each side of dc (total 32 dc at the side), dc across at the other side of first ch52, continue 2dc in each side of dc (32 sts).
Join at third ch of the beginning of seventh row of dc to finish one round for body.
Ch3, dc around (total 168 sts). Do not need to turn after each row. Make as many rows as you need until the whole body of box is covered.
Ch1, sc around for one row.

For this I used cotton yarn and hook 2.5mm.
The box is paseo 120 sheets.
Weight 50 grams.

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