Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Have Decided.

This morning on the way to the office, when I was sitting in the bus, I decided that I'm definitely going to buy that motorcycle I posted last month.
I mean, I've totally had enough of public transportation and if a few of the girls in my campus can do it, I can too. The last straw was 2 days ago. I took the wrong route out of my office, I went left instead of right and I end up waiting for half an hour for the next bus to come my way. (This is hard to explain in detail, so I won't.)
The sky was already dark, and when the bus stopped near where I alight, I fell down the steps.
I still got the bruises now. But what hurt most was my pride.
I just don't wanna be at the mercy of those blasted sickening ugly dirty buses anymore.
Anyway, if I got my own transport, I can go wherever I like, whenever I like. TMBooksmart mau punya berapa toko pun silahkan deh. Gak takut. Mau muter2 ke mana aja, tinggal berangkat. Mantap.
One more thing, if I have my own transport, I can definitely start to accept English students again. I can teach after office hours, and I'll definitely need the money to pay off the motorcycle. It'll be so so so much easier for me to go back and forth office-campus-home-TMBooksmarts etc.

So yea, I've decided. If anybody has any objections, speak now, or forever hold your peace.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea, especially considering how undependable Indonesian public transportation is =/.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!!!! And I'm not the only oneto say so. Mama Ieke has thesame opinion, and as far as I can guess, so do your parents. Instead of buying a motorcycle, it'll be safer to get a second hand car. Or a cheap new car by credit. No worries of sun and rain or floods! If you have a motorcycle, yes you are mobile, but in the rain you get wet, after rain you get spattered by cars!!!! You think that's fun? No way!

Anonymous said...

Parents are always freaking out when their daughters want to have a motorcycle. My dad is totally against me buying one too (so I blow all my money on my dolls). It is totally safer to drive a car. But the question is, are your parents so determined to stop you from buying a bike to the point that they will buy you a car? D<. It's easy enough to say "no, you can't" but they need to help you provide a different alternative.

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