Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Hair Salon is a very dangerous place...

... for your wallet. Especially if you're price conscious like me.

It is where... you get to practice saying NO. No to those extra little things that will get you charged extra. No to that expensive cream. No to that splash of hair tonic that'll cost you a few more. No to the blow dry that will make you part with some unplanned cash. No no no!!!

And the moment you gave in to their argument and said "okay", it is the moment you lost, and they win, and then they lost, forever, cos that's when you don't go back to the same place ever again.

Or maybe it's just not my kind of place. It is where you have to know what is included and what will get you charged extra. I seldom go to these kind of places. Just for the exact reason that it's expensive. And I'll be like a chicken in a pond.

You see, I went for a creambath last Sunday, and I ended paying Rp 7000 extra for something unforeseen. They charged for the soft blow drying. I thought they'll only charge if they blow dry the hair for real, not for some rough-somehow-dry-hair.

Oh well...

On a not so different note, about a month ago I almost got pick pocketed in a public bus.
How do I know that? Well, my bag zipper was open and my pencil case was one quarter out of the bag. Good thing I felt like my bag was stuck and pulled it back to me.

The lesson: if you're in a crowded public transport in Jakarta, bury your valuables deep into your bag, and guard it jealously. And DON'T wear jewelries!!!!

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knitting dragonfly said...

I just got my hair done today and Yes I also paid more for those mysterious services. Good thing you didn't loose anything on the bus...scary.

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