Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm an Introvert

Get to know me a little bit better, read this article:

Caring for Your Introvert by Jonathan Rauch

I got this article from a fellow introvert.

Well, I have always known I'm a loner. And I do feel uncomfortable among people. That's why I feel at home behind my blog shield.

I want to say that I totally agree with his words about introverts being misunderstood.
I feel it. Especially recently.

I usually keep everybody at an arms length away from me. I don't easily get close to people.
The only one I can talk to freely is my boyfriend. Really, he is the only one I feel comfortable around with. He is my only friend. I don't have any other friends. Everybody else are just acquaintances.

I don't talk to people unless absolutely necessary. Yet sometimes I feel left out when they don't talk to me.
I cringe and withdraw when strangers talk to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy when people talk to me. It's just that I usually waited for people to talk to me.
And it's just that I don't know what to talk about. I'm not a conversation starter. Not good at 'small talk' that most other people are good at.
I declined when they asked me to come along when they go out for lunch. I declined when they asked me to come along when they're going out of town (Actually, only one of them asked me and I feel that she don't really expect me to). In the end, some of them stopped talking to me altogether (the office people).
I admit that perhaps I have this "don't talk to me aura". Maybe they think I'm arrogant, stuck up, hostile, or is it just me who feel that they think that I am?
Sigh, sometimes even I don't know what I am or what is it that I actually want?

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Diane said...

Strangely enough I used to feel much like this, the plus side is that as I get older I realize my value on this planet is equal to anyone else's. It's also fun to push the envelope a bit, you just never know where it will lead you :)

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