Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gaji Buta

Gaji buta = blind salary.
Definition: getting your monthly salary without doing any actual work.

I don't know what's the equivalent term in English is. Anybody care to tell me?

Or maybe there isn't any. This is an Indonesian culture I think. One that might not exist anywhere else.

So why am I writing about this? Because recently I have been accused of it. Well, nobody ever really say it to my face. I just feel it. And because somebody said the words near me, twice.
Or maybe I feel it because it is true. I am not a person with much initiative too. I'm the kind of person who is busy with my own thing in the corner.

Sorry office-people, but I adapt really really reaaallly slow. I will be useful. Soon. Promise.
As soon as I got my own transport. Cos I really can't go anywhere on my own, by public transport. I suffer even going the short distance from home-office. Long distance public transport will kill me. Literally.

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