Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Dolphin is going off as a Gift!

Hooray! Somebody actually ordered a dolphin keychain from me to be given as a birthday gift.

The birthday party is this Sunday, so I rushed and finished this first. Hopefully the recipient will like it!

I even got a chance to put in my self-made printed name card! (Finally! lol)

This dolphin is made from felt/flanel. My attempt to use whip stitch on this was a nightmare! So I redid everything and used good old blanket stitch instead. Only two possible reasons: (1) I really need more practice on doing whip stitch or (2) whip stitch is not suitable for something with so many twists and turns.

Don't worry, yours are not forgotten:


Anonymous said...

The dolphin's adorable. It's great that you can finally branch out and promote your creations this way =D.

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi Nad!
Glad to see you here again.
Sorry I've not been to yours often, but it's not easy when I can't subscribe.
Anyway, the guy who ordered it from me is someone from my campus, not some stranger who read my blog. The blog helped though, I asked him to go see it and he ordered! XD

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