Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Remind Me Again

Remind me again why I need my own transport. Just let me use that bloody old car for goodness sake. Or I'll just go and buy myself a motorcycle.
This morning the public bus (Kopaja 27) that I usually take to the office goes on strike. And I waited there for nearly an hour before someone told me that (the driver of another public transport [Mikrolet 49]).
So how did I go to the office? By motorcycle. (Over here, we call them ojek).
And it was not the first time they go on strike too. Once they went on strike in the evening and I got stranded for an hour before I could go home. Using some other mode of transportation of course. Forgot what was it though. Ojek too I suppose.
And what irks me the most is that the people in my office, they were not surprised at all about the fact that I am late because of a strike. I mean, how can a strike be so commonplace that people are not surprised by it happening anymore?
Damn, I live in a crazy world.

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