Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why I like to go to the Office at 9

A few reasons, well about 5 actually.

1. By then, the bus will be mostly empty, so I don't have to be squeezed and packed like sardines in a can. Reduces/removes risk of being pickpocketed too. Being able to sit is definitely a plus.
2. By then, the bus I usually take will take a different route, one that passes right by my office building. (Yup, they take different routes at different hours. Go figure.)
3. I don't have to take the second bus, save a little money and plenty of waiting time in the process. (Yup, those mikrolets, they won't move an inch till the car is full.)
4. I don't have to cross the dangerous busy road.
5. I can wake up a little bit later. Duh, obviously.

Honestly, I'd rather have 9 to 6 office hours. Cos of course, if I go home at 5, it'll be the rush hours and I hate being jostled around by people in the bus. So I'd rather go home a little later.

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