Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Don't know why anyone would want to buy a tadpole. But I want one, and I've never seen anyone made one before, so I made one. This tadpole is made from felt/flanel.

I dunno why, but I'm obsessed with donuts. Well, of course this is not a red donut, this is an O for a name hanging.
I know, I know, I'm really slow, but I have short attention span and I do really need other distractions to keep me from getting bored. Don't worry though, I will definitely finish the order, just be patient k...


John Painz said...

Who doesn't like tadpoles?! Nice job there. And, I'd eat a red donut.

knitting dragonfly said...

I love the tadpole, and who wouldn't be obessed with donuts, they are great!!

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi John and Dragonfly!
Thanks for the supportive comments.

Well, my boyfriend doesn't like tadpoles. He can't even look at it. And not only the real thing, he can't even see a drawing of it nor this thing I've made. lol


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