Friday, May 23, 2008

Step One: Supplies!

The first thing you need before embarking on your Amigurumi-making journey is of course, the tools and materials.
There's not much needed, only:
1. A ball of yarn, may it be cotton, or wool, or acrylic, whatever you like.
2. A crochet hook to match.

The basic rule of thumb is to use a chochet hook that is slightly smaller than is usually used for the particular type of yarn, for the purpose of making stitches that are sufficiently tight so that the stuffing won't stick out.

Now, for Worsted Weight Yarn, you can use 5mm (size H) or 4mm (size G) hook.
For Sport Weight Yarn, you can use 3,75mm (size F) hook.

This site from lists plenty of helpful links to various types of Crochet Hook Size Conversion tables.

And there is a downloadable pdf about choosing crochet hook and yarn here.

And another guide about yarn weight and hook here.

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