Sunday, May 25, 2008

Step Two: Learning the Stitches

There are only 3 kinds of basic stitches that you need to know to make your own Amigurumi:

1. sc = single crochet
2. inc = increase
3. dec = decrease
additional = slip stitch (usually used to make invisible join)

Here are the links to the best tutorials I've found on the net:
1. For all the basic things that you need to know from Part 1 (How to crochet), Part 2 (How to read patterns)
2. How to Start Amigurumi from MyGurumi (3 ways of beginning crocheting in the round).
3. How to shape and Decrease Invisibly from MyGurumi.
4. Invisible decrease tutorial from
5. The first videos from youtube that I learnt amigurumi from: wiremysoul part1 and part2

I found this wonderful amigurumi tutorial for knitters from geckogrrl: Part 1 & Part 2.

Some notes:
1. Always work on both loops unless the pattern states otherwise (could be outer loops only or inner loops only).
2. The stitch marker is very very very important! Don't forget to place your stitch marker at the beginning of every round so that you can focus on doing the routine (example: [1 sc, 1 inc] around). You CAN count while crocheting, but it too very easy to forget. Believe me, it happens.
3. Make sure you count the total number of stitches after you reached the beginning of your round (where your stitch marker is). You don't want to find some miscount afterwards. The only thing left to do is rip them off until you can find where you change the pattern (i.e. 1 sc 1 inc or 2 sc 1 inc). So please PLEASE do check every round. Note: Another thing you can do is leave your stitch markers one or more rows down.
4. Always turn your amigurumi inside out.

You might also want to read Amigurumi Deconstructed from crochetme.

Updated: I just found this series of Amigurumi tutorials from Roxycraft!

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