Monday, May 12, 2008

The Turtle Pond

This is Shelly. (Corny name huh)

These are pictures of our turtle pond. Well, supposed to be fish pond really, but since there are more turtles than fish.... There are only 3/4 fishies in there! While there are 6 turtles! and 2 blue lobsters. (shh... don't tell my dad) lol.
Btw, it's supposed to be a waterfall, but we never turned it on ever since... can't remember.

Enjoy the view! (Pardon the murky water.)


Vanessa D. Alexander said...

Hi Melissa, dropped by to say hi and thanks for the visit. Your site is interesting. And your brother is still adorable! That's from a woman in her pre-grandma years. Yikes!

I'm not much of a pet person, more of a minimalist. But I helped a friend find her son's turtle once. He was hiding in a closet behind the laundry. He just walked out as if nothing had happened. They seem to have temperaments like cats.

Be blessed...

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi Vanessa!

My brother still adorable? Does that mean that he'll not be adorable someday??

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