Thursday, June 5, 2008

Abstract Monsters from Knot By Gran'ma

I wonder where Knot By Gran'ma (flickr) gets all of her inspiration from. Everything she made is absolutely amazing. I like them especially because some of them are hyperbolic, and I love anything hyperbolic!
Below are some examples of her creations.

Suddenly Seymour Pink

Hyperbolic Caterpillar of Doom

Cyclops in Reds

Blue Monster

According to her, "Blue Monster is a calming little guy. He's like the rainy days that you enjoy and is always around for a hug or snuggle. He's always smiling, as his mouth goes all the way around his little crochet body. He's never cold, which is kind of a contradiction of his coloring, but will warm your heart with love (That was the sappiest description I have ever written)."

All of her dolls are one of a kind. Check them out for more great inspirations!

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