Friday, June 6, 2008

Purple Pink Pencil Case

It is done! I somehow managed to sew on the zipper to the case. Turns out that it is easy to do! Took me 2 and a half hours. Didn't feel it though, I was so engrossed in doing it.

Sigh... I think I need to invest on a better camera... Seriously... My photographs sucks...


Ben said...

Don't be so hard on yourself - Your camera is just fine :) As is your craft!

Now...if I return to Scotland I may need a pair of socks for climbing those mountains :)

Only joking Melisa! Keep up the good work!!


knitting dragonfly said...

So cute! I love the color combo!

Wind Mill said...

Melisa you said, "Sigh... I think I need to invest on a better camera... Seriously... My photographs sucks..."

Me: Your photographs look great. Why do you think that they don't?

There is a nice graphic "trick" script for images on webpages. At our next chat or I shall find the time tomorrow to email the details of it to you.

Generally and from what I know from my early photography hobby days, the quality of photo images depends largely on the amount of light, angle of light and settings.
Take care of those elements and more than half of the image quality is achieved. Just my 2 Rupiahs worth.

Have a great weekend.

Skye B said...

Hi Melisa,
Boy are you hard on yourself! I think your pictures are fine. I can see what I need to, so I know what the item looks like.

Now as far as your pencil case, I just LOVE the colors of it, and it is so pretty, not sure I would want to use it to put dirty old pencils in...hehe :)

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Ben, if my camera is just fine, then it must be the photographer that sucks. ;p

Vicki, thanks for commenting!

Windmill, maybe I need to buy bigger brighter light bulbs instead. I think you're right, must've been the lighting. The reason I think the pictures sucks because they're dark, and I have to edit them as much I know how to make them more presentable. And the camera has no anti-shake! Makes me have to take hundreds of photos first before I can get one that is just right. Lastly, there's no way I can change the settings of that camera. It was given to me because the toggle button don't work anymore. The only thing I can do is take pictures.

I gave the pencil case as a birthday present for my friend. I told her so many times to take care of it well that she's afraid to use it. lol! Well, I mean it'll be too bad if it gets dirty from ink or similar, but it'll be silly to just keep it also. So confusing huh... hehehehe...

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