Monday, July 14, 2008

Hyperbolic Earth

Hi people, I hope you've been wondering where I've been last week. I was down with gastric pain for the whole week.

Well, I did a few things while I was in bed, but the next one I'm going to show you was actually made a few weeks ago. I just didn't take a photo till recently.

Well, the reason I named it Earth is of course, obviously because it is blue and green. In fact, it is the first crocheted item ever that I made by using 2 threads at the same time. (And now I'm hooked with colour mixing, as you shall see.)
I did this over a few weeks actually. On and off, in between doing other stuff. Hence, I forgot how many increase I did for this one. I think it changed a few times, ending with an increase every second stitch. Oh well, it is looking quite good anyway. lol

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