Friday, August 22, 2008

What I Miss about Singapore Part 2

Well, turns out that the list just kept on getting longer, so I decided to split it into another post.

28. Oh yea, we used to call the teachers 'cher' in secondary school.
29. We used to have silent reading every morning after the ceremony and singing of Majulah Singapura. Had morning runs too.
30. I got silver or gold for our yearly NAPFA test. Not so keen about the 2,4 km run though.
31. I hold a display card for a National Day at the stadium one time.
32. I was vice president for both the computer club at secondary school and IT society in jc.
33. I almost wanted to join the prefects / councillors but decided they are stuck up people who thought they're important instead.
34. I won 3rd prize for a science competition in secondary school.
35. Geography was my favourite subject.
36. I dropped Chemistry in sec 4. Prefer Physics. Never took Bio.
37. Oh yea, there were the community service thing too. We stand around holding a can and a bunch of stickers. Then when people donated some money into the can, we give them a sticker. At the end of the day, we give back the cans to the event organizers. I used to collect the stickers, there were many different types for different recipients.
38. I used to collect bus tickets too. My friend folded them into hearts.
39. Vending machines. There is none in Jakarta. (Most likely the whole thing will get stolen.)
40. The MRT ticket gates. So much fun.
41. I used to have a bus pass. We simply show them to the bus driver. Until the ezlink cards appeared, then we just tap them to the machine, it will credit the bus fare automatically. Works for MRT too.
42. 7 Eleven. Used to buy those colourful ice smoothies. And top up our cash cards. (Mostly to pay library fine. lol!)
43. One Dollar shops, where we get all kinds of trinkets, mostly useless, if not beautiful.
44. Heartland mall at Hougang. The feeder bus at Serangoon.
45. Oh yeah, I went to the Indonesian embassy for Indonesia's Independence Day too, once.
46. And how could I forgot about the Science Center. It is one of my most favourite places in Singapore. Went there a few times with various people. I even went there by myself once.
47. Borders in Orchard.
48. Went to Victoria Concert Hall once. To watch my cousin sing in a choir.
49. Watched the play Chang and Eng with my secondary school friends. Forgot where.
50. The ones going up to the Lido cinemas are some of the highest elevators I've been.
51. We only have a few holidays, one is Deepavali, the festival of lights.
52. There's the ghost festival too. At the 8th month of the year. During this time, people will burn a lot of hell money, and some people burn other 'materials' too, like houses, cars, etc, that are made of paper.
53. I've been to the Istana once. They were having an open house. We paid S$2 to get in. Nice place.
54. There's Sim Lim Square too, where I bought this PC that I'm using right now.
55. And I totally miss the Double Decker buses. They're so much fun!
56. Pasar malam! How can I not mention those. I used to buy those S$1 sausages. lol!

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