Thursday, August 21, 2008

What I Miss about Singapore

So, I used to live in Singapore for more than 6 years.
I went to Bartley Secondary School, and then to Catholic Junior College.
Let me tell you a secret, I wanted to go to CJC because the of uniform. lol

Well, next here is a list of things I miss about Singapore (sorted in the order of remembering.)

1. In Singapore, the MRTs are so beautiful. The buses are so nice and clean too. (You don't want to see Indonesian buses).
2. I want some roti prata n curry puff.
3. I used to walk all the way from Dhoby Ghout (forgot the spelling) to Orchard Road, to Far East. And I love the underground City Hall.
4. I used to watch movies in Lido or Cathay. Miss HMV too.
5. I've been to East Coast, having BBQs with my friends, and I've even been to the Esplanade.
6. I went to the Boat Quay to celebrate my 18th birthday. (Or was it Clarke Quay? I forgot.) Had my first gin, vodka and bourbon there.
7. If there is one thing I miss the most about Singapore, it must be the national libraries. *cry*
8. I used to live in Serangoon, Toa Payoh, Hougang, etc etc. (Moved a few times I forgot how many.)
9. I want to walk at Toa Payoh and Bishan again. Very nice bus stations.
10. I want fish porridge.
11. And teh tarik.
12. I went to Botanic Garden too a few times. Really nice place.
14. McRitchie reservoir, where we used to have our run.
15. Suntec City. I spent a New Year Night once there. I think it was in year 2000 (the millenium).
16. The 'Popular' bookshops.
17. McDonalds. This might sound weird to you, considering they exist everywhere in the world, but they got a different menu from those here in Indonesia. Eg. Pancake.
18. KFC, esp the coleslaw, mashed potatoes and the hash browns.
19. I love the above-ground MRTs, so exciting.
20. How can I forgot this: the NTUC Fairprice supermarkets. I used to buy everything there, from tissue, soap, shampoo, to bread, peanut butter etc. I usually bought things as much as I can carry. lol
21. Ice cream with wafer or bread. Plenty of vendors along the Orchard Road.
22. Takashimaya. The library there had the most complete collection of comic books.
23. Talking about the public libraries, I used to borrow plenty of fiction fantasy books, children books, study for exams, and even fall asleep there. lol!
24. Sushi. I used to buy a few of those, esp the unagi and the salmon ones. They were about S$1 to S$1,2 each. Must be more expensive now.
25. Famous Amos. There's one under some mall (maybe Takashimaya) near an MRT station. Forgot the name of the station. It is the one with the aquarium with sharks in it.
26. Long John Silver and Taco Bell.
27. Plaza Singapura. I used to sit with my friends for hours in at the food court, just hanging out or studying for exams. (The food courts in Singapore are really nice places to sit and study.) Miss the fried kweyteow there.
*lol, I'm writing mostly about food now. Can't blame, I really like eating. lol!

Special mention of my guardian, I miss her cooking too. Especially the chicken curry and the casserole. lol!

Okay, I will stop now. I'll write some other memories I had of Singapore some other time.

I wonder how much of Singapore has changed in the few years that I left.

Sigh... Wish I can go back there. Such a peaceful place.
(I pray I'll have enough money to go soon.)

N.B. This post is kind of a response to a post written by Eunice (TravelerFolio). Reading her post made me feel nostalgic. Esp the pictures of the MRTs.
See her post here.

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eunice said...

This is really a nice post! I thought of the days when I was still schooling and I did some of what you miss about now too! What a nostalgic feeling now... Can I extract this post and of cos link back to you? =)

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