Thursday, September 25, 2008

Behold Mario!

I did play the Mario games when I was a kid. I forgot which version though. A bit of each I think. Except for the rpg kind. You know, making these cross stitches made me feel kind of nostalgic.

Btw, I didn't intend to have a red theme for the cross-stitches from the beginning. It simply happens. Started from the red mushroom. Then the red bug. Next is the shyguy. And lastly, the little Mario. Yup, I like the chibi Mario better. They're so cute.

Below here, are two of the Mario patterns I've made. I'm posting them here especially for you, as part of my graduation celebration. I didn't have time to make them yet, so if you've made either one or both of the patterns, please let me know.


Skin = 754 Peach Flesh LT
Clothes = 900 Burnt Orange DK
310 Black

Skin = 754 Peach Flesh LT
Clothes = 3777 Terra Cotta VY DK
310 Black

*DMC thread


Lenni said...

Those are so cool! I think I still have my old Nintendo around! Bet it still works, too! ;D

Ben said...

Forgive me please Melisa! I retired from blogging as I am so busy these days - but I couldn't resist and posted again tonight! Thank you for your generosity! It's delightful to get back here and see what you've been doing!


Melisa Sriwulandari said...

We can never be too old for games right Lenni?

And Ben, I'm glad to see you back. I knew you would.


lawrencevon said...

I love these Melisa!

I'm gonna try to do these for my nieces who love Mario as well.

Laura said...

lovely!!! congratulations!!!

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Thank you for letting me know you're trying to do the patterns, Lawrence.

And thanks to u too, Laura.

I really appreciate the comments.

BagsByMelanie said...

I love these!

Those frames are perfect, I would love to know where you found them.

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Hi Melanie, about the puzzle frames, I got it at a local shop here in Jakarta. Not sure if you can find it over there. :|


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