Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cell phone cases... Finally sent.

Hooray! I finally sent the two cellphone cases I've been working on since errm... last month?

And not because it is hard to do. It is very very easy. It's just that... We had a few miscommunications regarding some details. And I was busy with my final paper for a while (done now. Just waiting for the presentation. {It's next Tuesday!}).

So, without further ado, here are some pictures!

Pastel blue and orange mix:

Pastel purple and pink mix: (Can you see the colour combo?)

At first I gave them this black string to pull them shut. But turns out that she hated it. She wants it to be the same colour as the case.
Well, the shop where I bought it from had no other colours than black, so I had to go somewhere else to search for them. I really hate to sell people something other than what they really want, so yeah, I went the extra mile.

Purple string:

Blue string:

Personally, I still like the black-stringed ones better. How about you?

Now this is supposed to be an Orchid. She asked me a few months back whether I can make one, so I made her one. She didn't ask for it, I intended it to be a surprise.


I just discovered today (after I sent it off) that I glued the front part upside down. Which reminds me, I've not seen a real Orchid in a looong looooong time. And my fault too, for not checking back to the pattern before I glued it.

Aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!! Sorrryyyyyy!!!!!

Oh well...

Anyway, the reason I decided to make her one is because her asking me about an Orchid reminds me of my mom. Orchid is her favourite flower and she used to have lots and lots of them in our garden and balcony. Our garden used to be lively. But now that she's gone, there no one else in this house that has the same green hands that she had....

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