Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just Use It

This will be my new motto.

Yup, I'm trying to cure myself from a "ran out" phobia. Thing is, quite often I will refrain or avoid using certain materials cos I'm afraid I'll ran out of it.

But that's a bad thing.

I mean that, when the urge comes, when the inspiration strikes, just do it!
Why sacrifice the 'perfection' of the item for a measly bit of material?

I should also start removing my doubts. Many projects of mine turns out to be WIP forever because I am uncertain how I want to finish it. But from now on, I should trust my guts!
That's the only way I'll ever find out whether I did ok or not. And even if I don't. It's ok too! Cos it'll mean I've learnt something new.

And there's one more thing too. I should not be afraid of being copied. And that's different from people claiming something I've made / photographed as their own. I mean, shouldn't it be quite flattering if we can be a source of inspiration for other people? Anyway, in this world where plagiarist, copycats, and competitors exists, it's impossible for us to always be the only one. The only solution is make something so complex it's not-copy-able, or just keep on improving, keep on innovating, way ahead of them.

So take heart everyone! Let's keep the spirit of creating new things!

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