Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cleaning Day No.3

Two days ago I woke up with a feeling that I want to do a workroom clean up. That's how I do things, I got to feel like doing it first. I don't even remember when did I last clean it. Just to give you an idea, the broom was sticky with dust by the time I got halfway the room. And well, it took me three days to finish wiping and sorting everything up. Which means that I have way too much stuff.

Well, finally my workroom looks respectable and it's more comfortable working in here.

Note to self: Do NOT "keep" things on top of the table.
I will just be giving myself a hard time wiping them all over again.
Do not succumb to the illusion that I'm going to use them again soon anyway. (Cos most often I don't).
I must put away all the stuff after I'm done using them!

And mark my words, when I move to my own place, there will only be ONE surface area in my workroom. Just one big table on the middle. All the rest of the room will be filled with rows and rows of drawers and plastic boxes.

Anyway, will take some photos of my stash tomorrow.
C ya!

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