Monday, October 27, 2008

My Article Published!

How cool is it that the article I've written appeared on a newspaper?
Hmm... not so sure. But nevertheless, it was something I never expected to happen!

It is in Indonesian of course. I'm not going to translate the whole thing, but basically it is about our knitting/crocheting community here in Indonesia.

So, the story goes that I got a chance to go to a briefing about writing for this rubric "TENT@NG" (meaning: about) that was disguised as a "training". This rubric is all about any kind of communities that exists in Indonesia, where the articles are written by the communities themselves.

And then I got to write one (the one at the bottom of the page), while the rest were written by my fellows in the community.

From For Public

Click on the picture to get the bigger version. You can click on the Download > Download Photo button about the left hand corner of the page (warning, size: 837 kb).

Or, click here for the link to the article on the newspaper's website.


WindMill said...


Now you could also think about being a part time Newspaper Columnist and write about various topics AND GET PAID TOO for that too! :)


Please visit Windmill on the hill to collect an Award that's waiting for you. :)

God Bless you Always!

Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Thanks Windmill!

But nah, I don't think that writing articles is really my thing. For starters, I write better in English than in Indonesian. It is weird, but I had a hard time writing the article in Indonesian. lol! Thing is, my Indonesian vocabulary is more limited than my English, so I mostly repeat the same words over and over again. Good thing that they got to edit the article first before publishing it. lol!

Cashmere said...

Congratulations! It's an achievement & a great exposure... =)

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